Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo

People And Daily Life

The building was unique becase it had a stone wall court yard which was carved by the Domincans and Franciscans. It had a path of purple flowers as well. Soldiers lived at my mission. CA Indians  farmed and worked in buildings. Spanish preists taught religion and Spanish language to the Indians. At dawn a bell rang to signal church services were just beginning. The natives and the Catholic priests attended mass. After church the adults really the CA indians did plowing fields, raising the live stock, and making bricks. The children went to school to learn the Spanish language and the Catholic religion. The missions did not have large herds of  livestock. The Eslenes tribe and the Domincans and Franciscans were living at the mission. There were very few Eslenes, so it was hard to grow a lot of crops and making goods.